‘NCIS’ season 11: Cote de Pablo fans at it again with #SaveZiva trending topic

ZibaWe really didn’t think that we would be at this again so soon in talking about another “NCIS” trending topic, mostly because most TV fandoms (unless you’re talking about something airing on The CW) are typically only capable of grabbing one trend on Twitter in the middle of all of the people talking about Justin Bieber or One Direction. But Cote de Pablo supporters clearly have something figured out here, and have thus become one of the few CBS scripted shows to really showcase a presence on social media … especially when the show is not even airing new episodes.

You can read about yesterday’s trend here, but today it was all about #SaveZiva rising into the worldwide trends. We didn’t see it hit #1 personally, but just it being a part of the top 10 is something still impressive given everything that is going on in the world. Once again, we imagine that CBS and their CBS TV studio will notice, but they may even recognize through this that there are even more passionate “NCIS” fans than they previously thought. (We don’t know why they would be surprised, though, given that there are more than 20+ million people who watch weekly in America alone.)

We also want to expound a little bit on what we said yesterday, that these trends are not likely to do much in the short term. The scripts are already written for the first few episodes, but what happens with writers is that they traditionally get together and map out at least a good percentage of a season early on, whether it be the front 13 episodes or a smaller grouping, depending on what sort of story they want to tell; so with that, there are probably ideas for at least a few more “NCIS” episodes in place beyond just what has been written, and if the plan is for Ziva to leave, she’s not going to be coming back anytime soon unless there is some drastic last-minute shift.

However, obviously things can shift in the long-term, and if Cote and the series both really want to see Ziva back someday, she’ll come back; but for now, it all depends on whether or not the character lives or is killed off (CBS is silent, and we would never spoil something like this, anyway), and if there is a logical reason to bring her back related to the story. It’s better to keep your expectations low, and hope for a pleasant surprise later. Otherwise, you may as well brace yourself for the same sort of pain you felt when the news of her departure was first confirmed all over again.

If you want to read some scoop on some “NCIS” news not related to Cote, don’t worry: We’ve also got some details here about the arrival of Delilah.

Photo: CBS

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