‘Big Brother 15’ review: Who won first Head of Household; so much more (spoilers)

PoolYou’ve waited for it for months, and not even a show in Canada this year could satisfy you. We hope you’ve already told your friends that you’ll be busy for the next few months, because “Big Brother” is back … and it’s crazy. We loved the premiere, love a number of the houseguests, hate others (which is always a good thing), and are thrilled by the lack of a veteran presence. With that being said, notice how much Rachel Reilly was shoehorned in here?

It’s still very early to tell who is going to excel at this game, but Spencer Clawson’s got himself a great strategy going in trying to keep himself under-the-radar, and being nice when he’s really not-so-nice. Meanwhile, David Girton’s an idiot who is concerned about his hair, McCrae Olson’s spirit animal is the awkward turtle, and he also looks like the younger version of Dr. Wily from “Mega Man.”

*We interrupt this article with Breaking news: Jessie Kowalski, women don’t hate you because they think you’re prettier than them. They hate you because all you talk about is how “amazing” and “pretty” you are and that you think you poop rainbows.*

Julie Chen introduces the twist, and everyone is shocked: There will be three nominees! Wait, did we ask for three nominees? We sure didn’t, but we love it.

The HoH competition – We’re totally calling shenanigans on one part of this. For the first challenge with Elissa Slater on the show, they give her more or less the same challenge that Rachel won twice in season 13: An endurance competition all around hanging on for dear life and she’s a yoga instructor.

Ironically, Elissa did not win, and in the process Judd Daughtery of all people realized who she really is. Good call, though, in holding onto the information for as long as you can. We think it’s rather silly for Elissa to hide it, almost like a Willie Hantz 2.0 sort of situation. We would have figured that the women were favored here, but Aaryn Gries was the last one of the girls. David hilariously took the bait Julie dangled so that he could get a Never-Not pass … and he didn’t get it. Burn! This guy is a total freakin’ bummer, to use his words.

McCrae ended up making a deal with Nick Uhas to stay, and we actually think it was the right move for him. He didn’t seem to have many friends, so he probably would have been in danger had he not gone for it.

The twist – There are some things about the “Big Brother MVP” that are completely unbiased and awful, including that they don’t have to ever reveal their power. That means that in theory, Elissa could win every week (or at least until the twist goes away), and then get rid of her target … and yeah, this makes McCrae’s HoH reign pretty much a non-factor.

All in all, a great premiere episode: Even if the twist is annoying, we like the crop of houseguests as a whole, and we see plenty of drama coming. Oh, and we feel pretty great about our pre-show pick of GinaMarie going home.

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Photo: CBS

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