‘Big Brother 15’ uber-bold prediction: Why Candice Stewart will win over Amanda Zuckerman

PoolWe’ve watched 16 houseguest videos and done enough research for a term paper, and now, we’ve made it to what is a tradition for us when it comes to every “Big Brother” or “Survivor” season: Prediction time. It’s either put up or shut up, and we just so happen to like to talk.

For those curious, we said that Jillian McLaughlin would win “Big Brother Canada.” (Ding!) We were reasonably close with saying that Brenda Lowe would win this past “Survivor,” since she at least got 6th place. The same goes for saying that Frank would win “Big Brother 14,” but we were so horrendously off by picking Jodi as the runner-up that we like to pretend it never happened. So can we keep our one-season “Big Brother” hot streak going? For the record, we’re not predicting every place. That’s boring, and there’s not that huge of a difference for us between the first jury member and the second.

First bootGinaMarie Zimmerman. We debated between her and the super-cocky Nick Uhas, who is going to rub so many people the wrong way that we don’t know where to begin. But Nick seems like more of a gamer. GinaMarie is going to annoy so many people right away that even if she tries to make a deal, it’s not going to stick. Before reviewing the cast as a whole, we thought for sure that a strong guy would be the first one out. Now … not so much.

Second boot – Nick Uhas. Just thought we’d point this out again. He’s the Brian of this game, except he’ll last a week longer than Brian did in his season.

First jury memberJeremy McGuire. He reminds us a little bit of Russell in season 11 in that he’s loud, he’s brash, and we’re ready to anoint him as a villain. We just don’t see him having nearly as many irrational people willing to support him past this point.

4th placeAndy Herren. We see Andy being the strategic mover and shaker of this season, and many of the people that go out will have their blood on his hands. His problem is that he’s going to be everyone’s pick to win, and we don’t see him as enough of a challenge threat to make it down the home stretch.

3rd placeHoward Overby. There’s a part of us that wants to say that Howard will win, but we think he’ll stop just short, and be evicted because he, like Andy, is likable. We just expect him to be more of a physical player than a strategist.

Runner-upAmanda Zuckerman. One of the most successful black widows in this game. We’re calling it now. Unfortunately, Amanda’s going to get a hard dose of “here’s what happens when you tick off the jury,” and probably won’t get many votes as a result of it.

WinnerCandice Stewart. We thought about this a lot, but Candice seems to be everything you could want in a “Big Brother” player. She has real-world experience (so she won’t be duped), she’s humble, and she’s probably going to deliver a good jury speech. She’ll take the money, and probably won’t have to get her hands too dirty in the process.

Person most screwed over by America – Jeremy, because everyone will hate him.

Rachel’s sister Elissa Slater will go – Before the jury, maybe the third person out. Blame the MVP twist, since we’re assuming people will figure it out, and America will like her thanks to her family.

Other assorted notes – Save for Nick, we actually think that the guys will try to bond together for a few weeks, and not go home too early with a Brigade-like alliance. However, the women will start to pull them apart, and shift favor in their direction starting a week or two before the jury. (Jeremy will lie in the middle of the pack.) The last man in this alliance standing? Howard.

Our personal favorites – McCrae Olson and Helen Kim. We think they will both make jury, but Helen will struggle in challenges and McCrae will realize what happens going on “Big Brother” a year after a superfan won: He won’t make it past final six or seven.

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Photo: CBS

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