Claim to Fame season 3: Is Dedrick related to Michael Jackson?

Claim to Fame season 3
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Right when we thought that the Claim to Fame season 3 premiere was over, Dedrick may have suffered a legendary slip-up. How do you accidentally reveal your own last name in a conversation with the group?

Well, this is precisely what happened with an accidental “Mr. Jackson,” which almost everyone clocked immediately as something that was not a mistake. By virtue of that, we have to imagine that he will be an easy target to take out moving into the Double Elimination next week!

Is it possible that someone could reference another Jackson if they try to guess his celebrity relative? Sure, but we do think it will be easy to default to Michael, even over Janet. This would probably be the only real debate that some people have and while it is hard to confirm anything for sure at this point, this feels as cut-and-dry as a situation that you’re going to find.

(Upon further digging online, we’ve determined that Dedrick is actually most likely “Siggy” Jackson, and like a lot of other people on the show, he is using a fake name. Of course, that doesn’t work as well when you make a mistake like this.)

While this is all extremely bad for Dedrick’s game…

At the same time it’s hard to deny that this is incredible television and really, one of the reasons that the show stands out from the pack. You do have an intense game of strategy going on here, but at the same time you are coupling this with some hilarious antics and potentially-viral moments. We do think that we’re going to see the show struggle to try and replicate what we got with a certain relative of Tom Hanks last season, but we’d love to see them try if someone gets too into the competition…

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