House of the Dragon season 2 episode 4: Is Rhaenys dead?

House of the Dragon season 2
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The moment that we realized that Rook’s Rest would be a central part of House of the Dragon season 2 episode 4, we had a pit in our stomach.

What is the reason for that? Well, it is rather simple: In the source material, this is where Rhaenys meets her demise. The Queen Who Never Was is such a magnificent character, and she was someone we never wanted to see leave this world. She had the capacity to rule and tragically, she and Corlys were one of the few great love relationships on the series. The moment that she started to get more screen time on this past episode, it felt like she could be gone.

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It was Rhaenys who decided to take to the skies at Rook’s Rest over Jace, largely because she and the dragon Meleys were more experienced. She also knew what she could be up against. The unfortunate truth here is simply that she was outnumbered. Not only was Aemond there with his dragon, but so was Aegon — a move that represented him going somewhat rogue from Criston Cole’s initial plan.

If losing Rhaenys was not heartbreaking enough, we also had what was an incredibly soul-crushing reminder of the bond that she and her dragon had. We’re only seeing so much of these beasts and yet, House of the Dragon is finding a way in order to make that matter. In the end, Rhaenys did everything that she could to withstand the violence and find a way to survive.

We all knew that war would be brutal with these dragons involved; now, we’ve got yet another reminder of it. Losing this character was gut-wrenching to watch here, but it is far from the only loss we will likely have.

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