Interview with the Vampire season 3: EP on Talamasca stories

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As we prepare to see Interview with the Vampire season 3 down the road, Talamasca has to be considered like never before!

After all, aren’t there a few different wrinkles in all of this? We tend to think so, with one major one being the spin-off that is currently in the works. We’ve met one important person in Raglan James, but what will his role be moving forward? Well, he is important within some future Anne Rice books, so that is a start.

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For now, a lot of this requires a certain amount of wait-and-see. Nonetheless, here is a little bit of what show executive producer Rolin Jones had to say about James’ future to Vulture:

Trying to find an actor that has to be as good as Jacob and Sam is really hard to do when you’re like, “You’re only gonna have two scenes.” So I called in a favor. Justin Kirk has been in a play of mine, and I’ve written for him on two different television shows. I think he’s a remarkable, soulful actor, and God bless him for working under his quote for us right now.

In order for Tale of the Body Thief to work for me, and not turn into Freaky Friday or whatever, we need to set up the idea of the soul. It’s something we’ll be looking at going forward. So right now, it seems like Raglan James is just there for plot, but we rarely do anything just for plot reasons, and we’ll have built a much richer Raglan James by the time we do that book than you would expect. He’s going to be a bigger deal in this show than maybe he was in the canon. And in terms of Talamasca, they’re in a room two doors down from me right now working on it. These shows will communicate with each other, and whatever they come up with, I will graft onto our show if we get lucky enough to have more seasons.

Of course, Interview with the Vampire is not the only sow to communicate with the Talamasca, as there have been elements from Mayfair Witches incorporated in there, as well. Doing some sort of full-scale crossover feels difficult and yet, it does at least feel like there are opportunities for the shows to converse with one another.

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What do you most want to see for the Talamasca moving into Interview with the Vampire season 3?

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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