Presumed Innocent episode 6: Will Barbara take the stand?

Presumed Innocent
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As you get prepared to see Presumed Innocent episode 6 over at Apple TV+ next week, why not let the courtroom debates begin?

After all, at the center of this next episode is a fundamental but pretty-fascinating question, one tied to whether or not Rusty Sabich has any chance to get the jury on his side. At the moment, he has almost nothing going for him. The prosecuting attorney in Tommy doesn’t like him, but that’s without even getting into the fact that there is also so much evidence that could incriminate him further.

This brings us back to the big question when it comes to Barbara — namely, whether or not she is going to take the stand. There have already been debates about this already and the situation is complicated. Can she really attest to Rusty’s positives when he had an affair with the deceased? She may be able to attest to her own view of him, but that may also be compromised by the fight outside their home.

At this point, we tend to think that more so than a singular witness, Rusty and Raymond have to figure out a way to get some concrete evidence showing that he may not be guilty of murder. Even if they can’t pinpoint another suspect, they have to cast enough doubt on him. That is hard when so many people hate him, so a lot of this is going to inevitably come down to evidence — something that, of course, is a pretty difficult thing to find in its own right. If there was a lot of potential support out there for Rusty, wouldn’t i have been uncovered already? There is definitely an argument to be made for that at this point.

Yet, given that there are a few more episodes left, there is a chance for a lot more drama and surprises.

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