The Boys season 4 episode 6: Homelander HATES Tek Knight

The Boys season 4
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In just a couple of days you are going to have a chance to see The Boys season 4 episode 6, a spotlight like no other on Tek Knight.

So what lies ahead for this character? Well, let’s just put it in rather simple terms for a moment: He’s hosting an event! The Seven are going to turn up, which leads to him thinking that he’s a part of the team. The problem here is that clearly, Homelander does not think of him that way … or anywhere close to it.

If you head over to TVLine, you can see a sneak preview for what lies ahead, one in which Antony Starr’s character completely belittles Tek after the suggestion is brought up that they could team up. After all, Tek’s abilities are just a mere fraction of what most of the Seven can do and really, a lot of his skill set is tied more to deduction and wealth. If the show wanted to show us different sides of what a “hero” can be, they are doing so here.

Based on this preview and also the promo unveiled earlier this week, The Boys may be doing their version of a Batman / Superman spoof here where Homelander is evil Superman and Tek Knight is more Batman, someone who thinks that they can excel based solely on some fancy tricks or tools at their disposal. This is one of the classic arguments that comic-book fans have been having for years, though in the eyes of Homelander it is pretty clear at this point there is no real need for debate. After all, one of them is clearly head and shoulders above the other in terms of winning in a fight.

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What do you think will happen to Tek Knight entering The Boys season 4 episode 6?

Do you think he’s going to get over this delusion of grandeur? Share right now in the comments, and also come back — there are a lot of other great updates coming.

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