Tulsa King season 2 full trailer: When to expect it

Tulsa King
Photo: Paramount+

Earlier this week, it was officially announced that Tulsa King season 2 is going to premiere on Paramount+ when we get to September 15. That’s great news! Yet, at the same time there is another question we are left to wonder. What is going on here when it comes to a full trailer?

Well, the first thing we should note here is rather simple: Typically, streaming services do not reveal full trailers this far in advance. It is not a shock that the only thing that we’ve seen so far is just a short, 30-second promo that sets the stage for what’s ahead for Sylvester Stallone and the rest of the cast.

At this point, the best estimate that we have for a full-length trailer is the second or third week of August, which can from there tell you a little bit more about the story. Even with that in mind, there’s still a chance the streamer will keep some parts of the Dwight storyline under wraps. They may not see a huge incentive in revealing a lot of early. Beyond just that, they could also feel like there is a good chance within here to appeal more to casual viewers who don’t know much about the show. If they feel as though there are going to be a lot of diehards who watch Tulsa King regardless of what they put out, it could make more sense to sell the show to those who haven’t seen it so far.

Also, a more generic full-length trailer could be required more in order to promote the show on CBS, where the first season is going to air. It already feels pretty clear that this is going to be a great outlet for them, no?

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