Interview with the Vampire season 2: Sam Reid on Lestat’s apology

Interview with the Vampire season 2
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Is there hope at all for anything to change for Lestat and Louis on Interview with the Vampire season 2? As we prepare for the finale, it is hard to believe that this are going to get any easier for the two.

For starters, consider the trauma associated with Louis’ original goodbye, coupled with the trial at the Theatre Des Vampires and then Claudia meeting her ultimate fate. Perhaps if Lestat does save his former companion from his current fate in the finale, there is hope … but not a lot of it, given the fact that there is no evidence the two are around each other in the present.

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If nothing else, we know that there was so much pain and heartache in the apology scene we saw from Lestat to Louis in last night’s episode. We do think that Sam Reid’s character meant a lot of what he said, but does anything matter at this point? Based on what Sam had to say to Entertainment Weekly, this could be past the point of no return:

“I think it’s important to acknowledge that Lestat probably did something that he’ll never fully get over … It was important for me to know, to learn something that I thought was the truth, and it was good to see it, that this act of violence towards Louis wasn’t necessarily something that was commonplace to him. It was incredibly upsetting and he hates himself for it, but also that he feels like he deserved everything that happened to him and continues to deserve everything that happens to him. In that moment when he apologizes to Louis, it’s so shocking because I don’t think he thinks it’s going to be over after that apology. He realizes Louis is never going to forgive him.”

No matter what happens in the finale…

It feels fair to assume that it is going to be emotional. All things considered, how can it not be?

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