SEAL Team season 7 premiere date: A summer 2024 update

SEAL Team season 6
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Is there a chance that we are going to hear an official SEAL Team season 7 premiere date between now and the end of the summer?

There are a number of things that we could spotlight here from the start, but let us begin with a reminder: Filming is already done! With that, we can now say that we are really at a stage where the primary thing that matters is the episodes being edited and, from there, a premiere date being announced by Paramount+. It feels like will happen before the end of August or September, but things can always change until something is actually set in stone.

While it remains to be seen if the David Boreanaz series will be back this summer or not, it feels almost 100% that a date will at least be announced. After all, what is the incentive in anything different? The simple answer here is that there is none. SEAL Team has been off the air for a long time and by virtue of that, it would benefit everyone if a date is out there alongside some other details. It would be a great opportunity to set the stage and allow people to mark it on their calendars.

Also, we do think that there’s a case to be made for announcing it soon and within that, using another show in Mayor of Kingstown in order to promote it further. The two, after all, do share a good bit of a following! We do tend to think personally that the military drama will be back before Tulsa King, which is rumored per Sylvester Stallone to be coming out in September. It is still in production, so it does make sense for us to be getting back to Bravo Team sooner.

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What do you most want to see moving into SEAL Team season 7?

How do you imagine the story will be wrapped up? Go ahead and let us know in the comments! Once you do just that, come back for more.

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