Gen V season 2 spoilers: EP on The Boys season 4 tie-ins

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While we all sit back and enjoy (or be horrified by) The Boys season 4, know that a Gen V season 2 is coming. Also, it is poised to be just as crazy and action-packed as what we got the first time around.

So how much is what we’re seeing right now on the flagship show going to play into what’s ahead? Let’s just say that the answer is a little bit complicated. While the two series are clearly connected and there are Easter eggs aplenty, it does not seem like there’s going to be some epic crossover. You should be able to watch Gen V without knowing the full story of the other show and be just fine; that plan is not going to change.

Speaking per Variety, executive producer Eric Kripke lays out his philosophy on this with the following comment:

I like the idea that there’s strands and Easter eggs that kind of pop back and forth, but full team up — no. I live in total fear of this notion that you have to watch both of them to understand the other one.

And so to me, it’s like, if you want to watch “The Boys,” and you don’t want to watch this other show, don’t watch it. If you want to watch “Gen V” and don’t watch “The Boys” — which I actually know a lot of people that do that — great. They’re each their own story. They each have their own reason for being. They each need to be good enough to exist without the other one existing. But I’m not giving the audience homework.

So far on The Boys, we’ve already seen some Gen V references in between a Tek Knight and the Supe virus; we also know that Sam and Cate are going to turn up at some point. However, what you see here will probably not influence where things go from them moving forward.

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