The Boys season 4: Susan Heyward on Sage’s lobotomy

The Boys season 4
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Is Sage one of the best additions to The Boys season 4? At this point, it’s easy to argue so! She is such a unique presentation of a character who has one of the most blessing-and-a-curse powers out there: Intellect. On one side of the coin, she is the smartest person alive. However, at the same time it feels clear that a power like this would be absolutely terrible to deal with. Just think about all the headaches (literally and metaphorically) that would come from feeling as though you know everything.

When you consider all of this, it is not all that difficult to figure out that this is a character who absolutely would want to give herself a lobotomy here and there to live like a normal person, even for just a few moments.

For Susan Heyward as a performer, we imagine that showing off a lot of that has to be a thrill, and it is something that she discussed at greater lengthy as a part of an interview with Variety:

“[Showrunner Eric] Kripke and I talked a lot about Sage’s sense of isolation … How her brain is a blessing and a curse because she’s trapped among all this information all the time and she can never really escape and just be. And so I think [the risk of losing her eye with a lobotomy] is worth it, for her sanity, because if she doesn’t get a break from her brain, she’s gonna go even crazier than she already is. It was really fun to shoot. The stunt team made sure we all felt safe. Objects coming toward the eye is naturally an instilled moment. But I’ve been putting contacts in my eyes since I was a kid, and the stunt team was great.”

What we’re most curious about with Sage is if she does have a larger plan that is separate from what Homelander knows. She’s already told him that she will challenge his ideas here and there, but we don’t envision her, when the dust settles, being all that eager to fall in line. Since when has that felt like something that she would want to do? It’s just a little bit too difficult to imagine from the outside looking in.

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What do you think we’re going to see from Sage on The Boys season 4 moving forward?

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