Doctor Who season 14 finale: Gabriel Woolf on Sutekh return

Doctor Who season 14
Photo: BBC One

Before you know it, you are going to see the Doctor Who season 14 finale arrive both on BBC One and Disney+. There are so many reasons for excitement, but also reasons for fear.

After all, Sutekh is back! The god of death is ready to inflict harm on the entire universe, and it is our expectation that there are going to be some dramatic twists and turns coming up. At the moment, our advice is rather simple: Be ready. This is a foe who will push not just The Doctor to his limit, but also everyone around him.

For those who do not know, behind the scenes there is another quirky part of this appearance — after all, Gabriel Woolf came back to voice Sutekh after almost 50 years away! Speaking to Doctor Who TV, he confirmed that he never expected to be asked back after such a long time, and he also discussed the differences between the past and present iterations of the role:

Well, visually certainly, and I thought there has been some development of the character – but we do have the same classic lines here and there so he is recognisable, and he is destroying the same universe.

Will Sutekh be defeated in the finale?

Well, for the time being we are reasonably hopeful, but you can also argue that this character will be front and center for a lot of next season, as well. Given that both season 14 and 15 were ordered at the same time, that means that showrunner Russell T. Davies could have planned things out in such a way — and honestly, this would be a case for plenty of excitement, as well, depending on how it plays out.

The one thing we know for sure? The stakes are about as high as they have ever been.

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