Blue Bloods season 14: The most likely spin-offs

Blue Bloods season 14
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Over the past weeks, discussions online about potential Blue Bloods spin-offs have intensified, and really for one simple reason: Comments made by a Paramount executive. It does appear like there is an appetite for more of this universe, and seeing an off-shoot is at this point more likely than a season 15. After all, it is far more cost-effective, and savings are what companies like CBS are really looking for at this point.

So is there one possible spin-off at this point that makes sense more so than any other? Well, as of right now we do think there are three ideas that make the most sense.

Danny and Baez – If you want to use a core Reagan, this one feels like it will be front and center. Donnie Wahlberg is a big enough star to carry a show and it would allow the writers to expand on the relationship between him and Marisa Ramirez’s characters. Yet, we’re also not sure that there is an appetite to separate one of the longtime family members away from the rest.

Joe Hill – This feels the most natural. Will Hochman is a relatively fresh face and at the same time, he’s gotten rave reviews by the fandom despite not being in every episode. While he’s been to family dinners, he’s also detached enough that you could tell stories about him without other cast members appearing all the time.

Baker – This one would take some heavy lifting, since she’d need to land a new job elsewhere. However, Abigail Hawk’s character is a fan favorite and you could have her going back to her detective roots in a new city.

If not one of these characters, you could see a show about a separate family of cops altogether, but is that really Blue Bloods at that point? It’d really just feel like a different show.

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What do you think would be the right Blue Bloods spin-off?

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