The Boys season 4 episode 2: About that Splinter scene

The Boys season 4
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We know that The Boys has had its fair share of shocking moments over the course of the past several years, but have they topped themselves? Season 4 episode 2 was a showcase of sorts for Supernatural alum Rob Benedict, who played many versions of his character Splinter — including what has to be one of the grosser scenes we’ve seen in recent history.

There are so many questions that we have after watching Splinter alongside some of his clones, including how exactly the reunion between Rob and showrunner Eric Kripke happened. Let’s just say that it actually started in the way most roles do — with the actor wanting to audition!

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Speaking to Variety, here is some of what Kripke had to say about this particular subject:

Look, Rob knew what he was getting himself into. When Rob reached out and said, “I think I might be auditioning for this part,” I was like, “Hold on, we need to talk…”

I said, “Here are the things that this role is going to be doing, and you need to know exactly what you’re getting into, because we’re friends.” So I explained every single scene, and he was just down to do it. He just thought it was hilarious — and it is…

Ultimately, we’re not sure that anyone is going to look at Rob’s Supernatural part the same way anymore and who knows? That may be a part of the hilarious intent here. This role was a chance to show a completely absurd / different side and with that in mind, mission accomplished?

Alas, we don’t think we will be seeing much more of Splinter — though Firecracker still remains, and is very much a part of the Seven now.

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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