Fallout season 2: Kyle MacLachlan looks ahead

Fallout season 1
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If you have not heard as of yet, there is going to be a Fallout season 2 coming to Prime Video, presumably as soon as possible. The first season was both enormously successful and well-received, something that was far from guaranteed in the early going.

As a matter of fact, series regular Kyle MacLachlan (who plays Hank) indicated as much in a recent The Hollywood Reporter interview, indicating how validating it was that the fans seemed to really enjoy what the show brought to the table. He also indicated that even though he has not read anything yet about the second season, he has a lot of optimism for what will be coming up next.

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So what can we surmise about Hank’s story right now? Well, it certainly feels a lot like he is someone who is going to be front and center for a lot of big discoveries in the show’s lore. After all, he has the connections necessary to Vault-Tec, and it seems to be him who will introduce us to whatever the new world is in New Vegas — a pivotal location in the games. There are a lot of challenges when it comes to living up to the source material, but that is something we’re optimistic about at present.

What other storylines could we get?

Well, let’s just say that there’s a chance The Ghoul and Lucy could bond more … or at least we want that. More new faces could be introduced, and there is a chance for more Easter eggs and nods to the game.

Now, let’s just cross our fingers and hope that the right combination of action and humor is present — those have always been at the forefront of this world.

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What are you most excited and eager to see now on Fallout season 2?

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