Doctor Who season 14 episode 7: What is the Triad Technology?

Doctor Who season 14
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There are so many different questions worth wondering about as we prepare to see Doctor Who season 14 episode 7. The role of the Triad Technology is one of them?

So, who are they? Well, it seems as though they could be tied to either the One Who Waits or some other foe. Just look at the synopsis for “The Legend of Ruby Sunday,” if you have not seen it already:  “As the Doctor and UNIT investigate Ruby’s past, horrifying secrets from Christmas Eve are revealed, and the mysterious Triad Technology unleashes the greatest evil of all.”

Ultimately, UNIT does have a major role to play in figuring everything out here, and that includes Mel working within Triad for answers. It seems like they could also have come sort of connection to Ruby, which does raise even more concerns that The One Who Waits may actually be tied somehow to Millie Gibson’s character.

Speaking per TV Insider, Bonnie Langford (who plays Mel) had the following to say about what lies ahead for her character:

“[Mel] has been placed in Triad because UNIT’s thinking that there is something quite suspicious about this enterprise. And so Mel is in there basically to get the intel on it all and report back. She’s very good at all that. She’s quite a nosy parker. She loves finding out other people’s business, but also she’s very good at her job and she shows how efficient she is. What she doesn’t let on is the fact that she’s not being efficient for Triad, she’s being efficient for UNIT.”

If we had to wager some sort of guess here, it is that episode 7 will have some sort of enormous cliffhanger, which then sets the stage further for what lies ahead moving into the finale. Hopefully, there are some answers on Ruby’s arc here, as that would be a pretty fantastic setup for the already-ordered season 15 and the upcoming Christmas Special.

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