Reacher season 3 premiere date: How it stacks up

Reacher season 2
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If you are excited to check out Reacher season 3 eventually on Prime Video, go ahead and know this: You are far from alone! The cast and crew have been at work on this chapter of the series for a long time, and it is our hope that you will be seeing the show back moving into early 2025.

Of course, “early” next year is a personal projection, as the only thing the Amazon-owned streaming service has said is that the Alan Ritchson show will be back next year. Why is that? Some of that is due to the post-production team needing time to get the episodes together. However, the truth here is a little bit more complicated and also has to do with Prime wanting to scale out most of their hits.

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Want to get a better sense of that? Well, note that The Boys is on the air now, whereas The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is coming later this year. We know that the much-anticipated Cross is slated to come at some point later this year, and given that the Alex Cross and Jack Reacher stories cater to a pretty similar audience, Prime won’t want to put the shows on the air too close to each other. This is without even mentioning the third season of Bosch: Legacy, which could also come out later this year.

When you consider all of this alone, there is no reason to bring Reacher back until at least January or February of next year, and the only major decision they may need to make is whether to put the show on the air at the same time as The Wheel of Time, another big-budget show. We tend to think that they won’t premiere two original hits of this magnitude within a month of each other. One could come in February, for example, and the other could be March or April. These are of course just our projections, and we are eager to see what is actually decided.

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