The Boys season 4: Erin Moriarty on Annie’s shocking past

The Boys season 4
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By the time you get to the fourth season of a series like The Boys, it can be easy to sit here and say that you know everything about the main characters. However, that is not always the truth! Sometimes, there are opportunities to learn a little bit more about people in a way that surprises you.

When it comes to Annie January in particular, let’s just say that moving forward, there is something that will absolutely surprise, especially when it comes to her relationship with a new Supe on the scene.

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Speaking to, Erin Moriarty confirms that moving forward, it will be revealed that there was a time that Annie was a bully to Firecracker. Who knows? This may be a reason why she turned out the way that she did:

I love that they keep adding these flaws and vulnerabilities to a character that ultimately, in my mind, make her more endearing, more appealing to play, more appealing to watch. And it’s just, to me, the most surprising part was when I have a moment with Firecracker where she reveals a part of my past where I was a bully.

That was like, for myself, as Erin, was something that I had to transcend. Like, I was a bully in my past. And I did that. And there’s a reason why I did that because my mom was doing this, and this and that. I love that moment. Because that, to me, is the most unambiguous malicious moment. We’ve seen her exemplify—everything else has been with a good intention. I love that they add those little bits.

You can also argue that these moments of being bad caused Annie to want to focus more on doing good. People are complicated that way, as Firecracker may have taken being bullied as justification for becoming a rebel, and eventually, a political pundit out to stir division and cause chaos. She is going to be a part of the Seven moving forward; meanwhile, Annie is no longer going to by Starlight and is now off with The Boys.

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What do you most want to see from Annie’s story moving into The Boys season 4?

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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