House of the Dragon season 2: Olivia Cooke on Ser Gwayne

House of the Dragon season 2 Alicent
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As you get yourselves prepared to see the House of the Dragon season 2 premiere on HBO, new faces will enter the mix! One of the biggest ones is Ser Gwayne, but what will he bring to the table?

Well, first and foremost, let’s just mention for a moment that Gwayne was technically a brief part of the very start of the series, but Alicent Hightower’s brother will have a much larger role in season 2 — and a famous face playing him in Freddie Fox of Slow Horses fame.

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Isn’t it nice to see another side of Alicent, one of the show’s most complicated characters? In theory sure, but this is not going to be a story that plays out in a predictable way at all. After all, here is some of what Olivia Cooke had to say to TVLine on the relationship between her character and her brother:

“It’s really sad … It’s Alicent really hoping for some connection within a family, and this is a brother that she’s estranged from because they didn’t grow up together.”

Will time together hear some wounds? In theory sure, but remember here that Alicent also has a ton of other priorities that she’s gotta deal with at the same time here. Remember that her son is on the Iron Throne, and is a pretty terrible and power-hungry person. Meanwhile, the Black Council will want war, the rest of her children are unruly, and all of this is still happening in the aftermath of Viserys’ death. The King may have had his flaws, but he was one of the closest things that Westeros has had to a halfway-decent ruler in the time that we’ve been able to watch this franchise.

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How do you think the Alicent story is going to play out on House of the Dragon season 2?

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