True Detective season 5: EP confirms different setting

True Detective: Night Country (season 4)
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In some ways, it feels like it would be a foregone conclusion to say that True Detective season 5 would be different than season 4. After all, that has been the tradition for this franchise from the beginning!

Yet, there was a reason for some of these questions resurfacing, with the biggest one being that this is the first time that Issa Lopez will have a chance to write another season, and you could argue that it would be easy to bring back Danvers or Navarro. Or, potentially find a way to keep the show in Ennis.

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Based on what we are hearing, though, the anthology nature of the franchise will remain. Speaking to Variety, here is what Lopez had to say:

[I am currently in] the writing. And it’s a blast. It’s completely different. There’s different characters, different setting, different story — and I’m enjoying it like crazy.

Now as for whether or not anything from season 4 will be incorporated into season 5, here is what we’d consider to be a rather fascinating tease, all things considered:

I still can’t tell, but I think you will be pleasantly surprised. We’ll see.

Just like Tuttle United in season 4 was an Easter egg in some way to season 1, there could be something similar in season 5 — or, an homage to other seasons. Even if there were some who found the Tuttle callback to be a mistake (we never did), it did not do anything to alter the legacy of the first season, which was great. Then again, the same could be said for Night Country, which had a wonderfully engrossing world, great performances, and a fantastic final sequence. It proved itself to be the best season since the very first, and we have plenty of faith in Lopez moving forward.

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