Ripley season 2 renewal: A June 2024 update

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Is there any chance that news about a Ripley season 2 gets announced between now and the end of June? The demand is there. Also, there is a legitimately good chance that you will hear Andrew Scott and/or producers speak more on it over the next couple of weeks.

After all, consider this: The reviews for the first season were overwhelmingly positive, and there is a lot of critical buzz still surrounding the show. Even though it took years for the latest season to happen, at the same time, Netflix was the right home after it was originally developed and prepared elsewhere. They allowed it to have an immersive experience and while it would’ve been great to have it spread out, binge-watching the entire story was a real joy.

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Now, as for whether or not there could be a Ripley season 2 announced this month, there’s a chance … but it is also low. Think around 10%. Scott noted throughout the promotion for the first season that the primary thing he wanted to do after the show came out was take a break; he’s now done that, but he has some other jobs on the go. Since the show was promoted to be a limited series, it does make it easy for Netflix to just wash their hands and move forward if they really want to do that.

If there is a season 2 ordered soon…

Odds are, you would still be stuck waiting a long time to see it. Think in terms of 2026 at the earliest. You would need to develop, write, and then shoot a new season, and then also find the best window in order to promote it. The producers would be shocked to move away from the black-and-white format, which worked so wonderfully during season 1.

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Do you think there is any real chance at all that a Ripley season 2 will happen?

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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