Interview with the Vampire season 2 episode 4: San Francisco?

Interview with the Vampire season 2
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While this week’s Interview with the Vampire season 2 episode 4 gave us a lot more clarity on a number of stories, it also raised new questions. To be specific, there is one that perhaps needs more information sooner rather than later: What really happened in San Francisco?

One of the taglines for this season is “memory is the monster,” which seems to be a play on the famous quote from John Irving. This could be a reference at times to what certain characters now; however, at the same time it could also be what they forgot.

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What makes the entire San Francisco incident so unique and perplexing is that despite their own involvement, Daniel Molloy and Louis both seem to not fully understand the truth. We saw the documentation of their time together and yet, are still lacking some of the facts. Is all of this a byproduct of Armand trying to manipulate or cover up a certain part of his history? Certainly just as it is also possible that this could also be a reference to the inner workings of the Talamasca, who are not involved in the interview like never before.

The threat that this mystery presents is quite simple — the truth could radically change some of these characters’ perceptions about themselves. Beyond just that, you do also run the risk here that you end up creating an even larger problem when it comes to who wants to sabotage this interview. There are some reasons why vampires have roamed the Earth and yet, kept largely from public view. This is what makes a major part of the show so fascinating!

Other lingering questions…

Well, a big one is rather simple: What actually happened in regards to Claudia? It does feel like the story will give us something more there in due time; based on where things are at present, though, it is hard to be optimistic about her fate.

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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