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NCIS season 21
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Entering NCIS season 22, it is clear that one question stands out above many others: Is Katrina Law leaving the show? The status of Jessica Knight remains unclear, but we remain hopeful that there will be opportunities to see more of her.

The season 21 finale certainly ended in a way to cause some anxiety on the subject, as Law’s character agreed to take a post out at Camp Pendleton that could lead to some significant advancement in her career. We know that she and her father did devise a plan that would one day lead to her leading the whole organization; she is deviating from it slightly, but could the same end goal be there at the end?

From the moment the season 21 finale ended, we’ve expressed some optimism that Knight could return. The reason why is a function of a few different things, with the primary one being the simple fact if she was 100% leaving, why torture us the entire summer? Now, there are some new comments from executive producer Steven D. Binder (per TVLine) that are absolutely worth diving into more:

Well, you know, we’ve set something up there, and I will point you toward our track record where “You never know.” We’ve had people look like they were going away and then it’s found out they weren’t going away, and then people who just disappear like Gibbs.

We’re really trying to follow what I call “the Tony DiNozzo departure” where, in his case he actually did leave the show, but you ask yourself, “What would it take to get a certain character away?” In the case of Tony DiNozzo, we thought he wouldn’t be going anywhere — except for a child, and suddenly that’s the motive that would make him leave. And to get [Knight] to leave this team, it’s a combination of a thing that she had applied for and wanted to do — she’s talked about the plan with her father — and then having this relationship with Jimmy where suddenly things are in flux in a way that it makes it easier for her to say goodbye…

It does seem like there is a plan here, and it could be something that leads to Knight being gone for a few episodes to kick off the season. Or, she changes her mind and comes back sooner. Or, Law is actually leaving the show. What we’re trying to say here is that there are a lot of possibilities. Just know that the writers seem to have settled on what’s going to happen. There is no indecision on that part of things.

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