Blue Bloods season 14 episode 18: The series finale title

Blue Bloods season 14
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It may be a hard thing to think about, but it does not make it any less true: Blue Bloods season 14 episode 18 is the series finale.

Is there still a chance that there is a season 15 revival down the road? It’s a fun thing to think about, and the cast and/or fans have rallied to make it happen. However, CBS refuted such hopes earlier this month, and it would take a surprise turnaround in order for things to change at this point.

With all of this in mind, let’s approach episode 18 as the conclusion, largely because the producers are doing the same. This story is being put together as the series finale, and you can see that courtesy of the title: “End of Tour.” This was confirmed in a post on Instagram by executive producer Siobhan Byrne O’Connor, who co-wrote the episode with showrunner Kevin Wade. Meanwhile, it is being directed by Alex Zakrzewski, who has worked on the show in that capacity ever since the first season.

Location scouting is currently underway for the series finale and by virtue of that, it is fair to assume that on the other side, you will see production in earnest start soon.

How will the series end?

There is much still to be determined there, but given the nature of this show and its reliance on viewer comforts and tradition, it is hard to imagine there being some sort of enormous creative swing. Instead, the easier assumption to make is that the writers are going to offer up something that feels like a celebration, one that offers closure while also still leaving the door open for a possible revival down the line. The whole idea of Blue Bloods is that there could be stories here that last for decades.

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What do you think we are going to see across the Blue Bloods series finale?

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