Mayor of Kingstown season 3: Jeremy Renner on his approach

Mayor of Kingstown season 3
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In a matter of days the Mayor of Kingstown season 3 premiere will arrive on Paramount+, and there’s no denying the process has been hard for Jeremy Renner. Even the promotional process for the show may be tricky — there is a lot to be excited for when it comes to Mike’s story and yet, the bulk of questions throughout the media tour have been about his near-fatal accident over a year ago. It is something he knew he’d be asked about time and time again, and clearly was prepared with a number of interesting and thoughtful answers.

Want one clear example? Well, take a look at what he had to say (per Looper) in regards to leaning on the cast, crew, and everyone close to him to ensure the latest batch of episodes got done:

… I was probably more nervous than I was excited, questioning if I had the physical ability to endure. It’s not easy doing “Mayor of Kingstown,” even when I was perfectly healthy the seasons prior. So, it was more, “Can I do it now at half-mast, trying to figure out my next step and my next breath?” But I had a lot of people to lean on. [Series co-creator and co-star] Hugh Dillon was always there as my right arm to kind of protect me — protect me even from myself. Because in my brain I think I can do something, but my body is telling me no, and he was there to help me with that. So was pretty much the whole cast and crew. Plus, I had a lot of people off set to help me too. It was a full production.

While the producers may have done what they could to accommodate Renner in his recovery, they also did not take it easy on the actor or Mike in terms of the story. This remains every bit the action-packed story that you saw the first two seasons; now, let’s just say that the Mayor is going to be facing threats old and new that could threaten his life and his future.

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