Chicago PD season 12: Will Ruzek, Burgess wedding happen?

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As we look ahead to Chicago PD season 12 on NBC, there is potential for so many exciting stories. Will a wedding be among them?

Well, let’s just start off here by saying that we really want to see this ceremony happen, and we honestly think that the bulk of fans out there feel the same way. How can you not? These are two of the most popular characters within the show’s history, and there are so few opportunities to actually present something so happy within all of the darkness.

Now, let’s just hope that we see something that looks and feels a little bit different from what we saw with Upton and Halstead, mostly for the sake of mixing things up!

With the writers’ room just starting this week, obviously it is a little early for Chicago PD showrunner Gwen Sigan to promise anything. Yet, she did offer up a quote to TVLine that does give us a certain amount of hope in the future here:

“I’m very excited to get into it … So few times on this show do you get these really happy moments … I think it’ll be fun [to write]. There’s definitely a possibility of, ‘Are we going to do the wedding next year? Are we going to do the planning? What are we going to see?’ So, I’m excited to figure out all of that.”

Our feeling is that a February wedding would be fantastic, mostly since it gives you a chance to really allow us an opportunity to see some of the planning process and then have a whole episode all about the ceremony! Personally, we would much prefer this to having it be in the finale, mostly because of the need that would be there to balance this with some other storylines.

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What do you most want to see moving into Chicago PD season 12 for Ruzek and Burgess?

Do you think a wedding will happen? Share right now in the attached comments! Once you do just that, come back for some other updates.

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