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The Boys season 4
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Who is Jeffrey Dean Morgan playing on The Boys season 4? Well, let’s just say that has been a hot topic for months. While the producers revealed details about a number of new characters, including Supes like Firecracker and Sage, they have been more hush-hush regarding the Walking Dead star’s role. We know that he wears a suit and tie, and also that he shares a lot of scenes with Karl Urban as Butcher. Beyond that, a lot else has been unclear.

However, at the same time it seems like the veil is starting to be lifted to some capacity.

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Speaking in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, show boss Eric Kripke notes that Morgan’s character will be bringing something a little bit different to the series than anything we’ve had a chance to check out before:

“He is an old colleague of Butcher’s … I can tell you that he shares a lot of Butcher’s concern and hatred of superheroes. It really came from the notion of everyone else in The Boys is always trying to pull Butcher back. So what would happen if he started working with someone who wants to push him forward?”

Well, that sounds a little bit problematic, doesn’t it? This feels like the sort of person who could end up splintering The Boys into different segments, which may have happened anyway now that Annie is navigating over to it. She is a reminder that not all Supes are bad, even if there are a number of them that are. This is a big part of what makes the show moving forward all the more interesting and complex.

One other thing to remember here is that Butcher may feel a larger sense of desperation this season. Given the side effects of using Temp V as often as he did, he doesn’t have that much time to live. What will he do as a result?

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