Interview with the Vampire season 3: Will Gabrielle appear?

Interview with the Vampire season 2
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Technically, there is not an Interview with the Vampire season 3 confirmed at the moment over at AMC. However, there is plenty of hope it is coming! Not only that, but you can assume that when it does, a certain character from the Anne Rice books could surface as well in Gabrielle.

During last night’s new episode, there may have been some frustration that Lestat’s mother was not seen in flashbacks, given the fact that she was featured there at times in the source material. Yet, there may also be a method to the madness here, and something that is explored further at some point in the future.

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In speaking about the omission last night to TV Insider, executive producer Rolin Jones had the following to say:

“Gabrielle — not particularly somebody I think Armand wants [mentioned]. But don’t worry, it’s coming … If there’s a Season 3, Lestat will get to tell his version of the story that will be wildly different about what happened there … In my head, other than Lestat, [Gabrielle is] the central character of Season 3. The most important character.”

If we had a theory that goes further into the omission here, it is that the Interview with the Vampire team would have struggled to cast a big name for a tiny role now, hoping to use them in a much greater capacity down the road. In that way, it is easier to just cast the familiar face for when season 3 starts, and then get the most of them at that point. Jones’ quote is also a reminder that so many of the show is about perspective, and that is something that almost certainly will not change if Daniel is there as a narrative device and character in the story.

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