Grey’s Anatomy season 21: Caterina Scorsone looks ahead

Grey's Anatomy season 20
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As we get prepared for the Grey’s Anatomy season 20 finale on ABC Thursday night, why not look more towards the future here?

Anytime that we get to the end of a season at this point, it does lead to all sorts of questions about the future of certain cast members. There are reports already that Jake Borelli and Midori Francis are going to be written out of the upcoming season, but could some other exits happen?

Well, one thing we can at least say is that based on how Caterina Scorsone and Kevin McKidd sound in a new The Hollywood Reporter interview, they plan on staying put. Scorsone in particular indicated why she continues to love playing Amelia after so much time:

… I think [actors] sometimes get burnt out on a long-running show because they’re like, “Well, I’ve done the story.” But if the story you’ve hooked yourself into is the story of a human being navigating constantly changing circumstances, that story is never going to be old. That’s fresh, every single new circumstance you’re thrown into. So as long as we can stay committed and interested enough to actually be discovering that fresh moment, we can be here as long as they can be here.

Amelia as a character almost always has some interesting material and with that, we’re not shocked that Caterina would want to stick around. We also do think she’s especially important now when it comes to maintaining the legacy of the show in the early going, especially since Derek has been gone for many years. Also, Ellen Pompeo’s appearances are a little more scattered now, and this season we have seen Amelia be somewhat of a storytelling vessel in regards to what’s going on with her research.

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