The Bear season 3 filming wraps, premiere expectations

The Bear season 2
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As many of you may know at the moment, The Bear season 3 is going to be coming to Hulu in just over a month from now. With that, why not celebrate some big news on filming?

In a post on Instagram, Matty Matheson (who plays Fak) on the series confirmed that production has wrapped on the latest batch of episodes, which first started in late February. This means that the show is likely going to be set to go for its premiere, though clearly the editors still have a lot of work to do. Why do they give you the whole season at once? Doesn’t it make sense to give everyone more time?

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Anyway, as we do move closer and closer to the premiere, there are of course a wide array of different things that you could expect to see. What is the trop priority right now for the story? Well, we tend to think that a lot of it will be tied to us simply getting a chance to see how Carmy, Sydney, Richie, and the rest of the kitchen and front-of-house staff are able to actually make the restaurant into a success. Obviously, Jeremy Allen White’s character is going to find his way out of the freezer and beyond just that, he will have a chance to then see how to repair things with “Cousin” after that explosive argument.

In general, this season will be about success, but also still happiness. Can Carmy actually find a way to reconcile that what he is best at does not necessarily make him happy? This is a complicated thing to consider and, unfortunately, there is no evidence it’s about to get any easier. He’s seemingly lost Claire at this point, and we don’t think that relationship would have ever worked if he was feeling that way on the inside.

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What are you the most excited to see moving into The Bear season 3 when it premieres?

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