Abbott Elementary season 3 finale: After that Janine, Gregory kiss

Abbott Elementary season 3
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We certainly knew that the Abbott Elementary season 3 finale was going to have its fair share of big moments — and that includes romance!

Are Janine and Gregory officially an item? Well, they shared that moment (and kisses!) at the end of the episode, and this does cement that things could be changing moving forward. Also, don’t they have to? We like the idea that we’ve set up a moment that can’t be walked back and at this point, it shouldn’t be. We’ve always been a believer that people can be together on a scripted show if the writing is good enough!

In speaking on the events of the finale further to TV Insider, here is what Tyler James Williams had to say:

Well, it was nice to actually rest in the intention fully. I think Gregory’s been very in and out and I think for any actor, it’s difficult not to be all the way in on something because that’s kind of our whole job is to be fully committed. So to have a character who rode this line was difficult, and it was nice to have that moment at the door where he’s actually for the first time, fully committed to this. However, I think people see this as an answer. If anything, it brings up more questions.

Now there’s a whole bunch of other s–t we’re going to have to address. The only person who I think is aware that this might have happened is Jacob. How do we keep this quiet? No one really knows except for him. What happens in their dynamic at the school now? What is this? Are they in a relationship? Are we dating? How do you do that with somebody you’ve known for two years already? So that’s what I liked about [the finale]. It wasn’t a definitive period.

Ultimately, there is a lot of discussion that can be had about all of this at the start of the season, and we are more than ready to dive into it! Unfortunately, here’s the bad news: We’re a good four-plus months away from answers. Still, what a compelling tease this is!

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