Is Tory Kittles leaving The Equalizer, Marcus Dante after finale?

The Equalizer season 4
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Is Tory Kittles leaving The Equalizer following the season 4 finale? We may not want to prepare for that emotionally, but do we have to?

Well, let’s start off here by nothing what actually happened over the course of the finale, especially the final minutes. Dante agreed to take a job that would cause him to leave the city; however, it’s also one that would allow him to do a lot of good. He obviously cares for Robyn McCall, but by the time that she came to him at the end of the episode, he’d already made a decision in terms of what he wanted to do moving forward. That left her obviously sad, and the shared one last moment before he left.

So what does this mean for the long-term future of this character on the show? That is where things get tricky. Neither Kittles nor anyone else on the show has indicated that Dante is leaving and while the actor is doing a stage run at the moment, it definitely seems like there’s still a good chance he comes back somehow. After all, Dante is essential to a lot of what Robyn and the rest of the team can do! In the end, this entire story may be a reminder of what a show like the Equalizer really does best, as they want you to be concerned about the future of certain characters for as long as possible. Also, they know that the longing is a big part of any “will they or won’t they” relationship. We can still be hopeful that things are going to work out, but it’s clearly not going to be immediate.

For now, let’s just cling to the fact that Dante and Robyn obviously have a lot of feelings for each other; by virtue of that (and a number of other things), we do tend to think we will see him again.

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