Fire Country season 2 finale: Is Rick really Gen’s father?

Fire Country season 2
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The Fire Country season 2 finale on CBS certainly asked a number of big questions, but also left many of them unanswered.

Take, for starters, this: Is Rick really Genevieve’s biological father? Based on a conversation that he had with Jake near the end of the finale, it feels that way. Right when Gen is starting to find a sense of stability after Cara’s death, this all comes around and Rick wants to meet her.

So what does all of this mean moving into season 3? Well, there are a lot of people who will be doing some soul-searching moving forward. Speaking per TVLine, here is some of what showrunner Tia Napolitano had to say:

If Rick’s been incarcerated, just like Bode has, and is claiming to be clean now, just like Bode, it tests our people’s belief in redemption. Is redemption just for Bode or is it for all people? Is Rick redeemable? Can we open our hearts to him? But Jake’s heart is going to break over and over. This Gen thing just got settled, and for it to be ripped open by Rick’s presence is going to be heartbreaking for him. Jake looks at Genevieve just sipping that milkshake and he knows this bullet is coming for her, and he can’t protect her from it.

We do recognize that there are a lot of people in Gen’s life who are going to want to protect her in this situation at all costs, and what makes it difficult is simply not knowing what Rick’s real motivations are as a character. This could prove to be rather complicated and at this point, we more than expect it to be a puzzle that takes some time to solve. Bode had plenty of concerns over him during this episode, and we tend to think that at the end of the day, he is far from the only one who does.

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