Sugar season 2 spoilers: A Sugar, Henry showdown?

Sugar season 1
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There is no Sugar season 2 officially at Apple TV+ and yet, there’s a whole lot of hope. There is also another great story to tell.

After all, consider what we learned at the end of the season 1 finale! Not only is Henry still on Earth, but it seems like he may actually hold the secret to what really happened to Djen, John’s sister. There is at least some evidence of this and with the Olivia story wrapped up, there is a chance to dive more into this moving forward.

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From the get-go, the idea for this show was to leave you hanging about some of these questions, mostly in the hopes that Apple would want them back. Executive producer Simon Kinberg confirmed as much in an interview with Screen Rant:

The hope was always that it was an ongoing series. The hope going into the first season, and that was the conversation with Colin [Farrell], because obviously, the most important person in terms of their commitment beyond a single season is Colin. He understood and was excited about all the places we could go with Sugar as a character. And the places we could go with him and Henry as the last two aliens on Earth in a cat-and-mouse story on a planet that doesn’t even realize they are among us.

We felt like that could provide a lot of interesting drama for a second season. We have not officially gotten a second season, but the response to the show has been really positive, and the audience has been great, so everybody, the creative team, and Colin most especially, are all committed to it. So, fingers crossed, that will become official. So, yeah, it was never conceived as a limited series. We wouldn’t have opened up a new personal mystery in this way if it was a one-and-done concept.

Of course, the show is different now that the alien reveal is out in the open, but there are still a ton of things about said aliens we still have to learn. Take, for starters, if their mission is all that it seems. Also, what are Sugar and Henry going to do now that the others, including Ruby, have seemingly left? We also wouldn’t be surprised if somehow, another case came to the forefront, as well.

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