Interview with the Vampire season 2: Louis as reliable narrator

Interview with the Vampire season 2
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One of the most important ideas throughout all of AMC’s Interview with the Vampire is the pursuit of the truth. It is something that Daniel is seeking out when it comes to the interview, and we do honestly think that Louis wants to hand over as many facts as possible. He is not trying to be unreliable or create fictitious accounts, even if he does feel a lot of pressure.

After all, consider the following: Louis may feel pressure from Armand. Or, may be influenced by his past with Lestat, or his desire to protect Claudia. There is a lot going on with this guy! Yet, we also think that he is trying his best to craft a narrative that is valuable to Daniel and anyone who eventually hears about it.

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In speaking further to about the whole idea that his character is an unreliable narrator, Jacob Anderson does his best to push back on it:

“I think something that I’m always slightly resistant about with the unreliable narrator tag that Louis gets is that we’re all unreliable … I think it’s a strange idea that television or storytelling is objective. I think it’s a comfortable way to engage with something or to watch something.

“In terms of Louis, I think he’s as unreliable as any. The story that we are being told is just as much based on how something felt to Louis as the biographical details or the specifics, which is something that I love about him … He’s very complicated. He’s a very complicated person, but he’s a very complicated character and I love him for that.”

There is something admirable about what Louis is trying to do at the heart of this story, largely due to the idea that his story may not always present himself in the most favorable light. That is not always the easiest thing to do for any person, let alone an immortal who has to deal with consequences longer than most.

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This article was written by Jessica Bunbun.

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