House of the Dragon season 2 spoilers: EP on the ‘march to war’

House of the Dragon season 2
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The premiere of House of the Dragon season 2 is coming next month, and you know already the Dance of Dragons is coming. This story has the potential to be infinitely bloodier and more dramatic than season 1, especially since the Black and Green Councils are so opposed to each other.

Does this mean that they will be fighting at every turn? Hardly. After all, the likes of Rhaenyra and Alicent are not stupid, and they realize the more fighting there is, the more than both of them end up dead. They have to figure out how to work smarter, not harder, to be victorious on the end. Of course, there are still battles, as well … but this is a political drama as much as anything else.

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In speaking on all of this further in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, here is some of what showrunner Ryan Condal had to say:

“Season 2 is the march to war … It’s really a cold war because each side is trying to undeniably win the throne for themselves without going to all-out dragon war. We do that through plotting and backstabbing and assassination and spy games and all the things that you would see in a classic James Bond Cold War thriller.”

In doing this march to war, one of the other things that each party is going to be working to do is recruit new allies and try to build up as many forces as possible. This is a way to fortify defenses! The scope for the second season will be larger and more epic than ever before, and that only increases the curiosity for how some parts of Westeros will be introduced here.

Ultimately, we don’t expect the war to be tied together — there have been creative talks already about a season 3.

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What do you think we are going to be seeing moving into the House of the Dragon season 2 premiere?

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