Fire Country season 2 episode 10 (finale): ‘I Do’ sneak peek!

Fire Country season 2
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In just over twenty-four hours the Fire Country season 2 finale is going to be here — are you ready for a lot of crazy events?

Well, if you have not heard too much about this episode just yet, “I Do” is going to be featuring a wedding for Gabriela and Diego — it may not actually happen, but she is going to be in a wedding dress at some point! There is also going to be a dangerous fire, largely because this show wouldn’t be what it is if there wasn’t that sort of thing taking place at some point!

Meanwhile, there is another storyline coming for Vince and Sharon that features him working to get back to work. However, almost the entire time she is going to be worried for one simple reason: The fact that he almost died due to that condition that he tried to keep from everyone. Sure, there is a certain perspective that comes with this job, one where you could die at almost any moment. However, at the same time, the odds are certainly higher that you’re getting through the day if you are starting off in good shape. It seems like he is cleared to work so with that in mind, he can press onward. (Watch a sneak peek featuring Billy Burke and Diane Farr’s characters over at the link here.)

There is another thing that is on Vince and Sharon’s minds here, as well: The opportunity to actually see Bode get out of Three Rock once and for all! This storyline was revealed last week and now, Max Thieriot’s character reaches a new point in his journey. He finally gets a chance to have a life outside of prison, but what will that life look like? That is far from an easy thing to answer.

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