The Lincoln Lawyer season 3 premiere date: The ideal rollout

The Lincoln Lawyer season 2
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With production of The Lincoln Lawyer season 3 inching ever closer to the end, why not discuss a possible schedule here? There are reasons aplenty to do that!

After all, we do tend to think there is a good chance that the legal drama returns a little bit later this year. Not only that, but we imagine that there is going to be a lot of buildup in advance! The first two seasons proved to be an incredible success story for Netflix, and we certainly hope that this momentum will continue for a good while.

So, what is the streamer going to consider when it comes to a schedule here? Well, it begins with this: You are going to most likely see a schedule similar to what we saw in season 2. Let’s say the third season premieres in October. More than likely, the show will give you half the episodes, a hiatus, and then the other half. This is becoming more and more the trend with the series these days, and it honestly makes the most sense in terms of viewer retention and financials.

After all, think about it this way — if you are Netflix, you probably want money from two months’ worth of subscriptions more than just the one. Personally, not everyone may love it (binge-watching is important for a reason), but that does not change whatever their perspective on all of this is going to be.

The most important thing

For us, it is that the powers-that-be do whatever they can to ensure a season 4 happens. If that means splitting up The Lincoln Lawyer into multiple chunks, so be it. We know that the audience is going to be there no matter what, thanks to both the first two seasons and the Michael Connelly adaptations.

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