The Good Doctor series finale: Will Dr. Glassman, Claire die?

The Good Doctor season 7
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Leading up to The Good Doctor series finale on ABC next week, the show has found a way to smash our hearts one final time.

Ultimately, we saw that happen tonight in a couple of forms. First, there was the stunning reveal that Dr. Glassman’s cancer has returned and that this time around, it is terminal. Shaun has to prepare for the possibility that he could die. Meanwhile, Claire just returned and in the closing seconds, she fell unconscious, leading Jared to take her immediately to the hospital.

Based on what we’ve seen in the promo for the finale, Shaun and the rest of the St. Bonaventure team are going to be facing a near-impossible challenge: Having to save the lives of two people that they love. Can they really do that? It is such a difficult task, and we know that a show like this may not have a problem with a bittersweet end where one lives and one dies — mostly because it is so about the journey.

If this is the end for Glassman, he may feel like he is at peace. He has led a full life and done whatever he can to find redemption and also care for Shaun. Claire still has a full life to live! We want to see them both saved, but they are also in very different situations. If Richard Schiff’s character claimed that his cancer is terminal, is there any way to actually help him? That is another question.

The mystery with Claire is a little more complicated given that on paper, her tumor was removed in episode 9 and she should be on the mend. What is happened to get her to this place? Shaun and the other doctors have to scramble to figure it out, and they may not have much time.

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