Ripley season 2 renewal: A May 2024 update

Photo: Netflix

Now that we are closing in on the halfway point of May, is there more that can be said here in regards to a possible Ripley season 2 renewal?

The first thing that is worth saying here is absolutely clear: Another season of the Andrew Scott series would be wonderful. There is so much more source material out there to adapt, and the reviews for the first batch of episodes were overwhelmingly positive. That is without even noting just how beautiful and well-shot the show was from start to finish.

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Now, here is where we have to come in with the rather unfortunate reminder that the series was designated a limited series at Netflix, and also that it took a long time for it to even come on the air after filming. It was originally intended to be at Showtime, so it has actually been a long time since Scott even inhabited Tom Ripley’s shoes.

In the end, we tend to think that there are a lot of conversations that still need to be had regarding a Ripley season 2, and Netflix themselves would probably need to facilitate them. There’s a chance that something could be revealed this month but honestly, it feels unlikely. Instead, the more likely situation here may be that the streamer waits until after Emmy season. If either the series or Scott gets some recognition, this could significantly raise the chances of more being ordered.

Personally, it would be a delight to see where Tom’s story goes from here, largely because he somehow managed to evade the authorities the first time around thanks, at least in part, to him inhabiting Richard Greenleaf. Also, he managed to do a decent-enough job cleaning up some crime scenes. (How thorough was some of that? It was, by far, the most meticulous storytelling we’ve seen so far this year.)

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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