Fire Country season 2 finale spoilers: A ‘beautifully tragic’ story?

Fire Country season 2
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As many of you may be aware at this point, the Fire Country season 2 finale is set to arrive on CBS in under a week’s time. How crazy is it going to be?

At this point, let’s just say that there are a whole host of stories to keep in mind as you prepare for this episode to arrive. For starters, you have Gabriela’s wedding to think about! Beyond that, Manny’s future is in jeopardy after what happened with Luke and Bode appears to be a free man. What is he going to do, and is there going to be a cliffhanger that comes out of nowhere?

Given this show’s penchant for big surprises, you shouldn’t be altogether shocked that some more may be coming. For more thoughts all about that, just take a look at what Kevin Alejandro had to say in an interview with TV Insider:

I can tell you that the finale is being presented, in my opinion, more like a giant poem. They’ve done such a great job with writing this entire episode that it ends beautifully tragic emotionally and it’s being orchestrated by an orchestra and it’s just going to be a beautiful piece of television that I think the audience is really going to love. Like I said, it’s beautifully tragic but leaves so much open for where we’re going to take Season 3, which I don’t know how it’s going to happen, but it’s going to be even bigger.

The word “tragic” is the one that is throwing us through a loop. Is someone about to die, or will Manny end the season in prison? Does Bode somehow find his way back? The real challenge for this show is that somehow, it feels important to still have Three Rock front and center. However, there are big consequences when it comes to anyone ending up there…

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How do you think the Fire Country season 2 finale is going to end, especially for Bode?

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