Sugar season 1 episode 8 run time: An extended finale

Sugar season 1
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In just a handful of days, you are going to have a chance to see the Sugar season 1 finale — and can you believe that we are here already? It feels like there are a number of stories that are still worth telling, and maybe that is just what a possible season 2 will have to offer. For the time being, we just tend to think that the story is going to revolve around the title character trying to resolve the Olivia case (has he really found her?), while also contending with what his future on Earth may be.

When you consider how many storylines are left, you can certainly argue that the final episode should be an hour, at least. Are we going to get that? Well, that’s a completely different story.

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Per some of the latest announcements now from the streaming service, the plan is for the finale (titled “Farewell”) to run just 36 minutes. That’s it. This is actually not different at all from what we saw the week prior, and it basically has been the trend since the premiere. Of course, we want more, but we also do appreciate the economy of this show. No time is wasted, and this may also make it easier to shoot when these episodes are shorter. (That could end up being important if the series gets renewed, since it allows Farrell the opportunity to go off and work on some other things.)

If you have not seen the Sugar season 1 finale synopsis yet, it does a great job setting the stage for what is ahead:

Season Finale. A shocking realization points Sugar toward a discovery that changes everything.

Personally, we want closure on the Olivia story … but we are fine if we’re stuck waiting a while longer for other news.

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What do you most want to see moving into the Sugar season 1 finale?

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