Sugar season 1 episode 7: Did John Sugar find Olivia?

Sugar season 1
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At the end of Sugar season 1 episode 7, we absolutely got a pretty compelling tease for the upcoming finale next week. For most of the season, the title character (played by Colin Farrell) has been looking to find Olivia — and it does seem like he may have actually done just that!

After all, remember that early on in the episode, the missing member of the Siegel family was seen in a compartment that John Sugar opened up in the closing minutes. Whether or not she is still in there remains to be seen, but it feels likely, no?

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Of course, even if Olivia is in fact there, we do believe there are a number of other questions to wonder about here. Take, for starters, whether or not the other aliens were involved in what happened to her disappearance. There has to be a reason why Ruby was so hesitant to have Sugar take on this case, and that does signal that there is another twist that is coming. Everything still feels so very messy, no?

This is where there is one other loose end you should consider for a moment here: John’s sister. He has referred to her in the past as the source for some sort of trauma, and we do tend to believe that at some point, this story is going to be surfacing again. Is it possible that the creative team is saving that for a season 2? In theory, sure … but you also do not know if you are going to even get a season 2. This has to be something that is actively considered on some level, and we’re sure that it was back when the story was being designed.

For now, though, let’s continue to praise the show for thinking outside the box, and Colin Farrell for giving us an absolutely fantastic performance.

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