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Under the Bridge
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There are a few episodes still to go in Under the Bridge on Hulu, and we tend to imagine this means more time to spend with Riley Keough and Lily Gladstone. The two are the focal point of the investigation into Reena Virk’s death on the show as Rebecca and Cam, and absolutely we think that things are going to be a lot more complicated as we move forward.

Now, if you have watched the show so far, there is one clear takeaway you probably have: This story is incredibly dark. There is no way of getting past that! With this in mind, it does feel like you have to find moments of lightness behind the scenes, even if it feels hard at times.

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In speaking about all of this (and her co-star) further in a new interview with Bustle, here is some of what Gladstone had to say:

Riley’s got a little bit of a trickster spirit, which would come into play once in a while, particularly in scenes where we were in close proximity to each other physically. She has this very funny but also very annoying habit of [jokingly] saying “ouch” just to get a reaction. So it’s like you’re concerned with whether or not you’re stepping on [her] toes or doing something to hurt [her]. She does it to get a rise out of people. So that was pretty funny, exactly the right kind of annoying.

From an acting standpoint, it feels like there is something quite helpful about that, mostly due to the fact that it can allow you to be present and never settle in to any particular moment. Doing a show like this has to be about staying on your toes no matter the situation; Cam and Rebecca have to be that way through the bulk of the story from start to finish.

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