Is Ghosts new tonight on CBS? Early season 4 hopes

Ghosts season 3
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Is Ghosts new tonight on CBS? Given the presence of new shows across the schedule, it makes sense to wonder.

Unfortunately, this is where we have to say that we don’t necessarily have good news within. Last week was the season 3 finale and now, we are facing yet another terrifying-long break to get the series back on the air. This is even trickier to handle based on that crazy finale cliffhanger, which left Isaac’s future in the balance after Patience enacted her revenge and captured him. Isaac left her in the dirt and on some level, he clearly thought that nothing would ever happen to him. He’s a guy with a lot of flaws, both in terms of his actual life and his time beyond the grave. He is going to have to contend with those.

Based on the way in which the story did conclude, we can at least say that Ghosts season 4 is going to be forced to address this story almost right away. We are not going to be seeing anything close to a repeat of what we saw back at the start of season 3, where Flower’s MIA status took a good chunk of time in order to resolve. (Remember, there were some real-world reasons for that and the show worked to accommodate those. This is a different situation.)

While there is no official season 4 premiere date yet, it feels fair to anticipate it back either in late September or early October — provided, of course, that there are no interruptions to filming. We are coming out of a stretch of time where two out of the last four fall seasons faced some significant challenges, whether it be a global health crisis or industry strikes.

We can’t wait to see what the writers have cooked up — and also what Pete can do with his new ghost power…

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Is there anything that you are most excited for when it comes to Ghosts season 4?

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