Sugar season 1 episode 7 debate: Any more aliens?

Sugar season 1
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Coming off of one of the most shocking reveals in TV history, what will Sugar season 1 episode 7 be able to do from here?

Well, it does feel fair to start this off by noting that more than likely, they will never be able to top the alien twist that they pulled off with the title character. There just does not appear to be much of a way in order to properly pull that off. Can they still find a way to surprise us? Sure, but how much do you even want to lean into the aliens from here on out?

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Let’s just go ahead and put it this way — we would be somewhat shocked if we start to see a lot of blue aliens through the rest of the show. John Sugar himself noted that pulling out his true form at the end of episode 6 was a way for him to be reflective and think more about who he really is — and not something he was going to be doing all of the time.

Meanwhile, what would the point be of showing other potential aliens in their true form? Remember that the goal for all of them is to observe, and not create a sense of nationwide panic. This is a private-eye show that just so happens to have a science-fiction twist; it does not mean that the entirety of it is about to turn into War of the Worlds. Be conscious of that as you keep watching, and we do still think the primary mystery is going to be what happened to Olivia.

Also, keep in mind that there is a chance that we get a season 2 of Sugar down the road — and if that happens, there could always be more time to explore aliens.

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Following the events of Sugar season 1 episode 7, what do you think could be happening from here?

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