Survivor 46 episode 11 sneak peek: Is Maria vulnerable?

Survivor 46
Photo: CBS

If there is one thing that we’ve come to learn about Survivor 46 (or any other season), it is this: Things change in this game on a dime. You may think you know what’s going to happen moving forward, but you don’t! In just a matter of a week’s time, everything could fall apart.

Ultimately, we bring all of this up in the context of Maria entering the next new episode. Based on some of the previews that we’re seeing now for what lies ahead, she could end up getting a little too confident after the big blindside of Tiffany from the game.

If you head over to the link here, you will see Maria wondering if her new group of herself, Charlie, Liz, Q, and Ben could end up being the final five. We’re not so sure of that! Sure, she and Charlie are loyal to each other, but everyone seemingly knows they are close, Charlie’s an immunity threat, and she may be starting to be seen as an excellent player. Also, Liz has little loyalty to any of them and she just blew up on Q last week! Q is also going to do whatever he can to keep himself safe.

After all, another thing to think about here is simply how Kenzie is going to react after being left out of the vote for the first time all season. She’s mad! She is even more mad because she had proposed taking out Tiffany and yet, she’s not the person who will get credit for this move now. She finds herself reeling, and she’ll need to get people back on her side. This may mean Liz and Q, given that we’re not sure that the three Tiga people are going to turn on each other.

One other thing to consider? A new idol is going to be presumably hidden out there…

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