Sugar season 1 episode 6: Colin Farrell on huge John Sugar twist

Sugar season 1
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We knew entering Sugar season 1 episode 6 that an enormous twist was coming — did you expect what we got at all?

This episode has now officially come and gone, and we are still left to question what it is that we saw — and also the emotional ramifications that come with John Sugar actually being an alien. There have been clues scattered throughout (and even in the opening credits!), so it’s not like this is completely out of left field. Also, remember that there was originally a version of the show where the twist was revealed in episode 1 — we’re glad that didn’t happen.

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Speaking to the Radio Times, Colin Farrell himself described the twist, and also how it explains some of his character’s behavior:

“There’s a sweetness to them. I mean, its hard to do character research for what life would be like in another planet!

“But it kind of explained, to a certain degree, this childlike innocence, and also his leaning into the history of cinema, and being so, kind of, enamoured and enraptured by the moving image in film, particularly noir.”

Farrell goes out to discuss the role of being an outsider, and how there is that sentiment throughout some of the show and also behind the scenes. In general, a part of the mythos that comes with being in Los Angeles is that so few people are actually from Los Angeles. Many residents come from somewhere else, and Sugar is at this point just an extreme version of that.

Moving forward, it is absolutely our hope that we get an even better opportunity to dive into his real purpose on the planet — is it really to just observe? If so, that mission is already a failure since he’s right in the thick of a lot of really tough investigations.

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